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5 Stars Review of Coquelicot Gilland Coquelicot has a generous heart and an extremely broad range of skills that help her work with a wide variety of people and issues.
Shulamit S
remarkable Coquelicot is one of at the most remarkable people I have ever met. Her enormous heart and her incredible skill as a people I have ever met She has a magical touch as a body worker, her ability to sense and help move energy is incredible and her wisdom and patience are amazing. She has redeemed my life!
Kathie B
truly helpful Coquelicot knitted together diverse pieces in my life right now and gave me real support immediately applicable as well as insight which provided clarity for the farthest reaching perspectives.
Highly recommended I have been taking sessions with Coquelicot on a weekly basis for several years now! I am glad i did and can’t imagine without it. Coquelicot is extremely resourceful and very intuitive. The sessions with her improved my overall well beeing tremendously! I reccomend sessions with her for personal growth as well as business coaching!